Rituals designed to tackle scalp concerns with scientifically advanced formulations that leave your scalp and hair
refreshed and healthy.

Genesis Dual Action Anti Hair-Fall Ritual

For weakened hair prone to falling for women under the age of 35

60 Min

The Genesis Ritual is an ultra-personalised solution to hair-fall caused due to both, breakage and weakened roots. Designed especially for the young urban woman who enjoys a fast-paced life but doesn\'t want to compromise on hair care. Potent ingredients like Aminexil 1.5{8beb18d65a2c67197ad6cdae9efc9a423ccd6c973f4ac127ba1910a1841ff5a4} prevent the hardening of the collagen while powerful anti-oxidants from Edelweiss stem cells help in preserving the quality of the collagen. Additionally, Ginger root extract helps protect against external aggressors like the Sun’s UV rays, pollution etc.

Anti-Dandruff Ritual

For a flaky, itchy, scaly scalp (Both dry and oily flakes)

60 Min

An advanced treatment with powerful ingredients Zinc Pyrithione & Salicylic Acid which have broad spectrum anti-fungal and anti-bacterial action. This treatment gently exfoliates, cleanses and moisturises a dandruff prone scalp, leaving it soft and clean.

Anti-Hair Loss Ritual

For prevention of hair loss

60 Min

An advanced treatment with the power of Aminexil®- a patented molecule clinically proven to reinforce hair and prevent future hair loss. Scalp quality and elasticity is restored and hair growth is stimulated.

Anti-Oiliness Ritual

For an oily scalpr

60 Min

A purifying treatment enriched with high performing ingredients, Glycine which regulates excess sebum and Vitamin B6 that nourishes hair. This treatment detoxifies the scalp and hydrates the lengths.

Densifying Ritual

For thinning hair

60 Min

A caring, nourishing and protecting Ritual for colour treated & highlighted hair that provides intense hydration & exceptional shine. The Systéme Capture Advanced technology provides UV filters for colour preservation and neutralisation against fading. The Range offers 40 Days of colour protection and shine*.

Soothing Scalp Ritual

For a sensitive scalp

60 Min

An instant calming treatment enriched with Calophyllum oil & Menthol derivatives relieves scalp from redness, itching & burning. It soothes the scalp and boosts its immunity.

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