Masque Chroma Filler Mask


Deep strengthening hair mask for colour treated hair.

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This luxurious hair mask deeply hydrates with 95{8beb18d65a2c67197ad6cdae9efc9a423ccd6c973f4ac127ba1910a1841ff5a4} more nourishment* and 92{8beb18d65a2c67197ad6cdae9efc9a423ccd6c973f4ac127ba1910a1841ff5a4} more strength** to the hair fibre while protecting hair colour and preventing colour fading. The indulgent formula is ideal for all hair types and leaves hair softer, smoother, and with a high shine finish.


Amino Acid -Reinforces weak hair and rebuilds the fibre from the inside out.


Nourishes hair
Strengthens hair fibre
Protects hair colour

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Masque Chroma Filler Mask