Cure Anti – Chute Treament       


Intensive anti-hair fall treament for hair loss due to breakage

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An intensive anti-hair fall treament to inhibit the loss of hair due to breakage. Enriched with active ingredients like Aminexil which helps regenerate collagen to slow down hair-fall, Rhamnose to rejuvenate skin tissues, restoring elasticity and Complexe AOX which helps fight skin ageing process for a healthier scalp. Experince re-inforced hair in just 1 week* with the 42 day anti-hair fall^ programme.


  • Aminexil: To help prevent the premature ageing of the hair follicle. Anti-hair loss action, extends the lifecycle of hair.
  • Rhamnose: Vegetable sugar with anti ageing properties. It stimulates the biological activity of fibroblasts, deeply involved in skin’s suppleness.
  • Complexe AOX: Protects from oxydative stress.


  • Improves the appearance of thinning hair.
  • Recaptures hair volume.
  • Illuminates hair making it more shiny.
  • Increases hair flexibility.
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Cure Anti – Chute Treament