Amazon Series Tucuma Color Preservation Treatment


“Anti-fade technology provides intense protection against UV Rays.
Deep Conditions the hair by penetrating to the lipid layer


Tucuma Color Preservation Series contains Tucuma Fruit Butter which is rich in lauric, myristic, oleic and amino acids, and has excellent emollient and hair softening properties. High in vitamin A,B & C the antioxidant properties in this exotic Amazonian butter formula hydrates dry, over stressed, thirsty hair while shielding the suns damaging UV rays and bringing the hair back to its natural state.


"Tucuma butter - has anti- oxidising properties and keeps the hair smooth, soft and nourished.
Acai berry Extract - Nourishes the scalp by keeping it hydrated and protects from external aggression.
Brazil Nut Seed Oil - Stimulates the production of sebum in the scalp, conditioning the hair naturally.
Vitamin E- has natural oxidant effects that could assist with maintaining hair growth.

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Amazon Series Tucuma Color Preservation Treatment