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Duration: 4 Months

Course Inclusions: 

  • Basic About Hair: hair type, hair texture, hair bone, nature hair colour, hair wash / blast dry

  • Basic hair cut

  • Advance hair cut & latest trends

  • Basic hair treatment

  • Advance hair treatment

  • Hair texture:   straightening, smoothing, rebonding, perming, keratin, cysteine  

  • Colour:  basic colour, global colour, highlights, lowlight, ombre, colour change, colour on     colour, latest hair colour trends

  • Hair styling: basic & advance latest on trends (1. Tong, 2. Blow-dry, 3. Ironing)

  • Homecare product

  • Styling product

  • Client consultation

  • Technology of product


Duration: 5 Days

Course Inclusions: 

  • Health and safety

  • How to do a client consultation

  • Sectioning and preparation of the hair

  • How to apply different types of hair extensions

  • How to apply a full head of hair extensions on a live model

  • Colour matching and blending the hair

  • How to care and maintain your hair extensions

  • Safely removing hair extensions

  • How to razor, cut and trim hair extensions

  • Products and aftercare  


Duration: 30 Days

Course Inclusions: 

  • Tools Knowledge

  • Hair Sectioning & Parting

  • Pinning Techniques

  • Back Combing Techniques

  • Blow Dry, Straightening, Tongs, Crimper & Waves

  • Braiding Techniques

  • Padding / Stuffing

  • How to Fix Hair Extension and Then Styling

  • Different Type of Buns, French Knot

  • Messy Bun

  • Different Types of Creative Up dos

  • Creative High Fashion Hairstyles

  • How to Accessorize Hair Styles  

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