Customised hair care Rituals with indulgent massage gestures to address your needs and make your hair feel
transformed from within.

Discipline Ritual

For unmanageable, frizzy hair

60 Min

An anti-frizz Ritual that preserves the natural texture of hair fibre, while adding shine, softness & fluid movement. Advanced Morpho-Keratine technology restores & smoothens the hair surface and coats the fibre to protect and tame hair for upto 72 hours of frizz control*.

*Instrumental test – Shampoo + Masque + Leave-in.

Discipline Curl Ideal Ritual

For curly, unruly hair

60 Min

A Ritual specially designed to perfect curls and protect against dryness. Pro-Keratine Complex + Elastin ensure curl definition and upto 72 hours of anti-frizz and anti-humidity protection*.

*Instrumental test – Shampoo + Masque + Leave-in.

Volume Control and Smoothing Ritual

For thick, porus, unmaneagable hair

60 Min

A smoothing Ritual to control thick, voluminous & unmanageable frizzy hair, leaving it soft & smooth. Morpho Huiles Complex technology provides 24 hour manageability in 80{8beb18d65a2c67197ad6cdae9efc9a423ccd6c973f4ac127ba1910a1841ff5a4} humidity*. The rich oil ingredients used ensure intense nourishing care. Volume is reduced making hair easier to manage and detangle. Softness and shine is restored.

*Instrumental test – Shampoo + Masque vs. Classical Shampoo.

Colour Protection and Radiance Ritual

For colour- treated or highlighted hair

60 Min

A caring, nourishing and protecting Ritual for colour treated & highlighted hair that provides intense hydration & exceptional shine. The Systéme Capture Advanced technology provides UV filters for colour preservation and neutralisation against fading. The Range offers 40 Days of colour protection and shine*.

*Instrumental test – Shampoo + Masque Chromatique.

Intensive Nourishing Ritual

For normal to dry hair

60 Min

Long-Customized hair care Rituals with indulgent massage gestures to address your needs and make your hair feel transformed from within.

*Instrumental test, after application of masque versus non conditioning shampoo. ^ Instrumental test – Shampoo + Masque + Creme Vs. non-conditioning shampoo

Curl  Defining Hair Care Ritual

For wavy and curly hair

60 Min

Long-lasting nutrition to give sensitized hair immunity against dryness. With the power of Irisome, hair is protected against the return of dryness for 72 Hours*

*Instrumental tests – Shampoo + Masque + Leave in Vs. non-conditioning shampoo.

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